SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium Canister Vacuum



The German-made SEBO Airbelt D4 canister vacuum is the ultimate in modern design, performance, reliability and S-class hospital filtration. Together with its tapered-hose technology it provides ultra-quiet operation and amazing controlled, variable suction power (Suction motor 1250 watts, brush motor 175/200 watts). A 7 foot hose, 40 foot power cord and 52 foot cleaning radius allows for vacuuming large areas without the need to change electrical outlets. The D4 features a full bag/clog indicator, a large 6 litre disposable bag, and 3 on-board attachments to tackle the toughest of spaces. Four rubber-coated castor wheels provide exceptional maneuverability and protection of floors. The soft foam bumper that surrounds the vacuum body absorbs bumps to the canister body thereby protecting walls, furniture, and the vacuum itself. Durable and easy to maneuver telescopic tubes with quick release connections makes the change from one attachment to another a breeze. A unique LED indicator light allows the user to actually view and monitor the vacuum’s suction power administered during use. When the blue light is rotating slowly, it’s at the lowest suction level, when rotating faster it’s at the highest suction level. The 3.5 inch profile makes cleaning under surfaces like tables and beds effortless!  SEBO’s electric L-shaped ET-1 powerhead effectively cleans carpets along with hard floor surfaces, making this model highly effective for cleaning unwanted dirt, dust, and definitely unwanted pet hair!  To clean the brushroll simply click on the end bearing and the brushroll slides out – no tools required.  A soft foam airbelt surrounds the body of the canister to protect furniture and walls. The airbelt is also where the air exhausts so that it doesn’t stir up any other dust in its path. This unit includes the option of manual brush shut off capability for cleaning more delicate flooring types with straight suction alone.

Includes the ET-1 electric powerhead, parquet floor tool, and three full-size on-board accessory tools, including a crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery nozzle.

Added Bonus: When you order from Vacmaster, an authorized SEBO retailer, your warranty will be 10 years.

Suction Motor: 1250 Watts
Brush Motor: 175/200 Watts
40′ cord length; 52′ total range when connected to hose, wand, and attachment
Airflow (motor rating): 120 CFM
Water Lift (motor rating): 95 in.
Belt Guarantee: 5 Years
Brush Height Adjustment: Manual
Suction Motor Protection: Thermal
Bag Capacity: 6 litres
Handle Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Body Weight: 15.9 lbs.
Variable Suction Control: Yes
Bare Floor Cleaning: Yes
Dusting Brush Included: Yes
Cleaning Wand Included: Yes
Cord Length/Range: 40ft./52 ft
Power Head Width: 12 in. / 15 in.
Hose Length: 7 ft.
S-class Filtration: Yes
Adjustable Handle: Yes
HEPA Filtration Available: No
Use Without Power Head: Yes
Brush Height Settings: 4
Brush Wear Compensation: Manual
Brush Speed: 2700 RPM



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