SEBO Disco Floor Polisher Attachment



The SEBO DISCO is a great addition to your SEBO vacuum to make your hardwood floors shine. It both polishes and vacuums. The 2,000 rpm ultra-high-speed disc used at regular intervals will help maintain the beauty and value to your floors.

There are 4 different floor pads available for purchase separately: Blue Floor Pad for use on waxed or oiled floors as well as surfaces like vinyl. Red Floor Pad for treatment of surface scratches and preparation for the yellow pad. Yellow Floor Pad for restoration of high gloss and preparation for the green pad. Green Floor Pad recommended for daily use to maintain surface gloss. The red, yellow and green pads are also coated with a special resin that is highly abrasion resistant. The dirt is removed and the brilliant gloss surface is restored. No chemical cleaning product is required for the red, yellow and green pads! In addition, the floor pad is easy to change and maintain.

Floor Suitability
– Suitable for: PVC, Natural Stone, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Linoleum, Vinyl, Thermoplastic, Sealed Wood with water resistant finish
– Limited suitability: Unsealed or oiled wooden floors – Use blue floor pad (sold separately); Porous natural stone (ie. Slate) – Use blue floor pad (sold separately); Laminate with water resistant finish – Use blue or green floor pads (sold separately)
– Unsuitable for: Cork, Textured surfaces, porous tile (ie. terracotta), cushion vinyl, uneven tiles with raised edges, and any surface that does not hae a desired gloss effect



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