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Joe Bond

Nowadays it’s even more important to know the ins-and-outs of every vacuum on the market, and the quality of those products. In the end, the consumer is getting what they paid for!

Joe Bond

There are few in the vacuum industry who have not heard the name Joe Bond, and for good reason.

Bond is the largest Canadian independent vacuum retailer, and he is well known for his dynamic and friendly personality. Further, those that know him can vouch that he is a man founded on principle, hard work and integrity.

Joe treats every client whether big or small with the same friendly customer service.  After 33 years in the business he’s come to realize that customers really appreciate the knowledge he can offer when shopping for a vacuum or needing service.  Every year Joe attends the vacuum convention so that he can honestly advise customers before they make a purchase.  He’s concerned about consumers falling for junk just because there’s a lot of advertising on a certain product.

With the vast selection out there, Joe is more than willing to spend time informing customers before they make their purchase.  He shows them what to look for and then the decision is up to them.  “High price does not necessarily mean it’s a good product”, explains Joe.  “Customers need to make sure that there is a dealer network they can fall on if something happens to go wrong with the product.

We receive calls about repairs to Dyson, which we do not repair.  Where’s their dealer network?”  Since Sears closed their doors, Vacmaster not only repairs Kenmore vacuums, but has bags, belts, filters and parts in stock to fix them.  Joe advises customers to check out the warranties and what they actually cover.  Also, when vacuum manufacturers do not have any dealer network, this is a big added inconvenience for the customer, as they have to pack and ship their vacuum at their own expense which can be a lengthy process.  Vacmaster services most major brands of portable and central vacuums and the estimates are always free when brought into the store.  When it comes to vacuums sales, Vacmaster’s motto is “they sell the best and service the rest!”.

Bond has earned his impeccable reputation in the industry, winning numerous awards because he listens to what each and every individual customer is looking for. It’s obvious, because of the amount of referrals Vacmaster receives.

Joe explains, “Nowadays it’s even more important to know the ins-and-outs of every vacuum on the market, and the quality of those products”.  Vacmaster prefers to sell products that are both reliable and have parts readily available.  If people do their research, they will learn that a central vacuum manufactured with a cheap motor (i.e. flow-thru), will be a cheaper purchase price, but a central vacuum that has a tangential by-pass motor, which is a more costly, but longer lasting motor to produce, will cost a little more.  In the end, the consumer is getting what they paid for!

Agnes Isaac
22:56 09 Jun 19
Excellent customer service and very knowledgeable about vacuums. Joe goes out if his way to ensure you are satisfied with your products and services. Would highly recommend.
Asif Govindji
00:21 30 May 19
I visited Vacmaster to ask some questions about central vacuum. Joe took the time to explain about the different motors on the market. I have my central vacuum for the past 10 years and was having some issues. He came over the same day and did a quick diagnoses. He advised me that the motor was fine and I only needed a new power hose and its accessories. He recommended the Eureka brand to be the best and worth the money. I am quite happy and impressed with their professional service and would highly recommend making your purchase at this shop.
Tom Tsatskas
11:24 16 Mar 19
Service was quick and thorough. Joe came to personally install the new unit in our garage, which replaced an old Beam unit that fried on us after 13 years. He completed the install quickly and tested the unit from inside. He even fixed one of our central vac outlets that was faulty! Fantastic and friendly service! Highly recommended. 🙂