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Definitely not! You only need service if you’re experiencing low suction, the central vacuum unit isn’t going on or it’s making lots of noise. Call us first because it can be something simple that you can fix yourself. For example a broken outlet will cause low suction and changing that can solve the problem.

Most central vacuum outlets use low voltage wire to allow the hose to go on when it is inserted in the outlet. Power does not have to be turned off to change a central vacuum outlet. Simply remove the old central vacuum outlet, detach the wires from the screws at the back and reattach the same wires to the back of a new one. Note: Do not take the screws out of the back of the new outlet when attaching the wires, just loosen those screws, attach the wires and then tighten those screws.

Bring your vacuum into our store for a free estimate. We test and repair them on site. Tune ups on portable vacuums help to keep them performing at their peak.

We repair most brands of vacuums in store and stock hundreds of parts.

We know that you can’t live without your vacuum for very long so typically most repairs are completed within 24 hours. We service vacuums for many cleaning companies so it’s important that we can provide a quick turnaround!